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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today's First Feature... "Loxly Hollow"

Just found this wonderful artist today. Their art seems to be a fantastic combo of Beatrix Potter meets 1950's - 1960's fairytale illustrations. Let's see what the artist has to say...

Loxly Hollow

Hello there,
I'm from the loveliest place on earth, namely Southern California, and I love all things and places that have to do with the beach. I come from a family of a dozen kids and about a dozen animals. I'm an undergrad working through a piano performance major and preparing for lawschool. As you may suspect, I'm going to need quite a few sells to get me through the next several years:)

A few more things about me are that I love John Locke, C.S. Lewis, and A.A. Miline. I think food is one of the most wonderful inventions ever and I believe swimming is the greatest sport. I can't abide being landlocked, and I abhor the cold. I love playing with my friends, imaginary and real, and I think it's the finest thing in the world to have a sense of humor.

Pretty much, I think life is amazing and that the world is an overall great place.

Thanks for looking in on me and the wee folk of Loxly Hollow.

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Off to the trenches, boys are hitting each other w/plastic swords:(


Christie Cottage said...

Adorable creations!


OliveStreetStudio said...

what great drawings. I too am a beach girl, but from the East coast.