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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Introducing... "Making Stuff With Love"

Finally, an artist that has combined my love of needle felting with my Chihuahua obsession!! LOL Couldn't resist her items or love for animals.

"Making Stuff With Love"

My name is Alice and I live in rural Alabama with my husband, three dogs and a bird. I have discovered needle felting and I must confess that I am consumed by it! With this craft, I am able to create little creatures with souls of their own; they just seem to develop as I sculpt them. My favorite things are my custom orders: felting a mini copy of a person's pet. It is so rewarding and has led me to find the most amazing animal lovers, which is the greatest blessing of all!


Please visit her here:

Making Stuff With Love

More features coming soon, thank you for reading my blog.



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