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Monday, August 17, 2009

I really don't like this:(

Here we go with another rant by Tara!

I'm looking through a well known site, that shall remain nameless, and I come across something unpleasant. No, it's not the usual things that upset me like animal carcasses, fur, or hate images. It's the ongoing destruction of vintage/antique books and other cherished items. Why the heck would someone tear apart books then turn around and sell them for altered art? Or my real peeve, destroying old watches and clocks for steampunk projects. Something is going on with that and it's not an old factory gone out of business. Which FYI is the lamest/oldest BS from a lot of plastic and brass sellers. "I have x amount of these items because I got them from an old factory that went out of biz", or "I worked at said factory". Most of these components turn out to be not even 5 year old replicas! Beware, especially when dealing with someone on the internet. It's sometimes hard to tell the differences with plastics, but I can usually figure out if the brass is vintage.

Back to the books, I totally understand if these are already trashed, but they have entire books for sale:( And where does one find 100's of watch faces? And why, oh why o, do we have to smash those vintage plates for reassembly???

My solutions to this problem? Go to the library and borrow some old books for your photo taking needs. Use some clip art you buy online or for craps sake Google free clip art and start printing out images. Maybe actually be creative on your own and scan images for your altered art projects? The plate breaking could be managed by going to garage sales/thrift stores and looking for chipped or broken plates. Hopefully, this is what most artists are already doing. For your steampunk creations visit your local swap meet and dump. Heck, if you have to you can even go dumpster diving!

Why the freakin' rant?? I love and admire everything vintage and antique. People should cherish and protect these rare reminders of the past.

Okay, gotta stop now time to eat a muffin and ponder why The Real Housewives of Atlanta is on T.V.


P.S. I absolutely love when people take vintage/antique cups and make them into candles. It's so darn cute and you can still appreciate the art.

1 comment:

swati said...

Thanks so much for the two awards. I hadn't put them up yet because i wanted to first write a post about it, and being the procrastinator that i am, i kept postponing it. I have finally made a post and put it up on my blog. Check it out. Thank you again.

I signed your message board too.

And yeah, i hate it when people destroy or ruin perfectly good vintage pieces in the name of art. Also, isn't there something different with your blog layout? It's blue instead of Pink? I love it like this!