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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Featuring Today "Zime Illustrations"

The wonderful and whimsical world of...

Zime Illustrations

I'm an artist living in Buenos Aires, Argentina since the day I was born. With my husband, Lucas, my daughter, Abril, my newborn, Milo, my kitty, Java, and my notebooks, pencils and acrylics paints, I share my days, nights and dreams. I've studied art all my life and I've got a University degree on Graphic Design. In the last years I've discovered in illustration my subtler way of expression.

Hope you'll like my art!!

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So I've been a bad blogger/friend/supporter lately. I don't want to have a pity party here and give all the gory details, let's just say between major earthquakes, homeschooling, new shops, etc. the wind has been blown out of my sails. Now here's to hoping I can get off my a$$ and do a better job of it!

Fantastic Friends Forever!

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