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Monday, March 15, 2010

Etsy Changes, let's discuss...

Hi to my fabulous readers, sorry for the little break in posting. Even I get overwhelmed believe it or not. Anyhoo, let's get down to the nitty gritty regarding these Etsy changes.

So what the heck did they change?

Shop Button Look/Size
Etsy Header

Future changes?? (please don't count on this)

Better Search
Removal of Resellers

And god knows what else. So here are my personal thoughts on all this cr*p. I think that the new shop button is a complete joke. If I had never been to Etsy and I saw this wee little button on the top right, I would think, "why do I want to shop on a site that's completely filled to the brim w/stuff, and then just a tiny button for actual buying?" Blech, next. The Etsy header is blah like always. The changes were silly and minimal. People almost died from migraines and possibly developed epileptic seizures from it. Not well thought out and the forums of course ranted and raved. I just think it's ugly and boring, business as usual from Etsy. Future changes? Wait and see I always say. Etsy is not known for fast moving thinkers and I would estimate that their time line of 2 months really equals Sept. in the concept of regular non-admin time. And what the heck happened to Rokali's baby "Parachutes?" Are we to be deprived of his immature, self serving drivel on there too? Personally, I have nothing to complain about on Etsy. Views are sh*tty for me, but sales are really consistent. I haven't spent any money on advertising for weeks and I think things are moving along as usual. I'm outty!! T♥

1 comment:

Winklepots said...

Man, I wish I had a steady influx of business. Here's hoping with time. :o)
I'm hardly on Etsy anymore and I swear, it always looks different every time I log back in, but I wish they'd stop working on the cosmetic side and start helping the sellers out with their needs. :oP