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Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Feature "Shalom's Cottage Home"

My first name has always been a source of great interest to others, so when I was playing around with name ideas, I finally decided that "Shalom's Cottage Home" had a nice, memorable ring to it and also emcompassed my desire to create fun and functional pieces of "art" for daily life. The ideas I have for expanding my business cannot be numbered, but I dream of one day having beautiful products to fill up every corner of a happy home.

After working as a graphic designer in commercial design firms for 4 years, in May 2005 I left the corporate world and started designing and selling my own products as a way to take my love of art and beauty to the next level. I was tired of the rat race and I wanted to use my graphic design skills in a way that was both fun for me and would bring joy to others.

Opening my shop on Etsy in January 2008 was the turning point for my business, as I have been able to reach a much wider audience than ever before and also benefit from the advice and inspiration of so many talented shopkeepers here.

I still work a part-time job as well as provide freelance graphic design services to select clients, but I pour all the extra time I can spare into my business (without completely neglecting my husband, dogs, house, church, friends, and family) because it truly is my first love. Here’s to designing your own life and not being afraid to take risks - it's totally worth it!

Shalom Schultz, designer & owner

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