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Friday, January 1, 2010

Latest and The Greatest JBT Entertainment News

Happy f'n 2010 peeps!!! So here's your funky and somewhat informative news update.


Controversy still surrounds the site regarding the front page bias. I did notice today that although they had the customary washed out neutral colors, there were some great paintings added w/no cowls or owls present. I also checked out the voter but was disappointed to find knits and cowls dominating most of the page:(

Another funsy for the New Year, some a'hole went around and distributed over 700 hearts with the words f*ckyourhearts as their shop name. Now I could really care less and I probably wouldn't have even noticed and hearted them back! But I do feel for the people this upset and how unprofessional it looks. However, when the heck has anyone known moi to be professional?? lol (I mean w/my words, not my biz).

Books I Read Lately or Wished I Hadn't

Just finished "The Glass House" by Jeannette Walls. Lovely tale of suffering, hunger, and having some sh*tty parents. Mom was bipolar, (this is in no way saying that bipolar people act this way, k? Big mental health supporter here:). Anyway, dad was an alcoholic. Parents dragged them everywhere and they lived in filth and had many adults try and molest them. Interesting tale but kinda flat. I didn't really fall in love w/the characters, but I would still recommend this read.

The Nazi Officer's Wife

Fab story! We never really hear about all the Jews in WWII that went underground, (they were called u-boats), to pretend they were good Germans aka Nazis. What this woman went through I would only wish on Hitler himself. Definitely an interesting tale with a wonderful heart. Read it!


So what are the top 2 movies of the holiday season? Of course, Sherlock Holmes and Avatar. I saw Sherlock Holmes the day it opened and I loved it! Robert Downey Jr. is just so amazingly talented since he got his head outta his a$$ and quit the dope. Anything he has been in lately regardless of subject, has been fantastic. I also got a kick out of Jude Law, whom I can't stand,  as Watson. What's her name from the notebook really did a good job too. The sets were so realistic of Victorian England I couldn't believe and the costumes were gorgeous and very period authentic. As for the story? Don't want to ruin it for you but it was genuinely entertaining. I'd see it again right now just for the humor and scenery.

Avatar, please not again. Blue monkey people w/neon jungle gods. As my husband said, "plot was ripped off from every popular movie from the last 10 years." My 10 1/2 year old really liked it so if you have young children it might be a good choice for you.

Stay tuned for new shows starting soon....

Terrible TV Traumas!

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AMjewelry said...

I saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday. A friend dissuaded me from seeing Avatar. He really disliked Avatar. I agree that Sherlock Holmes was really good. I thought it was great fun.