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Friday, January 8, 2010

Featuring "Sabbio's Cinnamon Tree"

 I can't tell you how refreshing it is for me when I find an artist that is actually portraying their own style. Sometimes on Etsy it seems like a sea of animal people and goth girls:( This artist's work is truly special, it will take you away to a lovely place of beauty...

Sabbio's Cinnamon Tree

Sabbio is a French painter and crafter who infuses in her work feminity, faraway places and dreams. She loves to paint on canvas but also on all sorts of materials such as wood, paper mâché, paper to give new textures to her works.
But she also wants to give her art another dimension by creating several jewelry collections a year, journals, romatic boxes, mirrors and paper goods!

My links :
my etsy : http://sabbio.etsy.com
my blog : http://duhautdemoncannelier.blogspot.com
my Twitter : http://twitter.com/sabbio


Matilou alias Anne Cresci said...

nice work !
And she's very sweet too !

Anonymous said...

Pretty! Off to check out the shop :