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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Featuring "People's Bank Building"

First off, with a name like "People's Bank Building" you know this shop has to be unique and definitely a cool place to be! Secondly, it's recycling at it's best with some really new and fab jewelry.

Please take a look at...

"People's Bank Building"

Like two moths circling the same compact fluorescent bulb, Darcy and Don share a common vision and sometimes even drink from the same soda bottle without wiping it off. Their shared passion once prompted Don to send his undershirt to Detroit, Michigan by parcel post, and Darcy to throw her shoes over the People’s Bank Building. And thus the company was named.

Darcy H. - Bank President and Chief Loan Officer

In 1994, armed only with a #2 X-Acto blade and a pint of matte Mod Podge, Darcy crafted her way out of a Moroccan prison and secreted herself on a tramp steamer bound for Lincoln, Nebraska. She is widely suspected as being the mental force behind the concern and is credited for having discovered the number 14. Darcy is secretly in love with Don, the beloved idol of a million other women. She is charged with cutting, folding and wiring the final products.

Don R. - Chief Teller and Social Secretary

Since the age of two when he told his mother that Henri Bergson’s existentialist philosophy was “poopy,” Don has been something of a maverick. Born into one of the oldest families among the Pass Road trailer parks of Biloxi, Mississippi, Don has traded on his social status to move into the highest circles of southwest Iowa’s cultural elite. His personal beliefs range from the unintelligible to the unimaginable. During a journey to the East, Don learned the hypnotic power to cloud men’s minds so they may not see him. Men find him invisible and women are able to see right through him. Don’s role is to put the glue where he’s told and to monitor the caps-lock status of most of the keyboards.

Darcy pretty much does all the work.

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