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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Featuring "Noadi's Art"

Finally I have enough time to give you my thoughts on our fab features once again. As most of you know I really am a stickler for picking unique and quality items to feature. I love finding something new and different and I think today I have!

"Noadi's Art"

My name is Sheryl Westleigh, I'm 27 and live in western Maine. I'm fascinated by sea creatures, especially octopus and their kin, and science in general. I've loved science since I was a little kid, why cephalopods in particular I don't know they just really appeal to me. I also have a strange sense of humor which I guess explains things like my platypus and coelocanth ornaments. Most of my work in sculpted by hand from polymer clay so each one is unique.

Eventually I plan to expand the range of pieces that I do. One idea is to do a Cthulhu themed set of cameos, a higher end line in silver clay, and a few other ideas.

I never really intended to be running a business. I started sculpting as a hobby, made a few necklaces for myself and people loved them. So I started selling a little bit and it's really taken off in the last year.

Etsy Shop http://noadi.etsy.com
Twitter http://twitter.com/noadi

1 comment:

Chloe' said...

Thankyou for an awesome feature! you've definitely found someone unique here :o)

I love her necklaces (^_^) the bluey octopus is soo cute!