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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday's Feature "Fairy Queen Crochet"

"Fairy Queen Crochet"

I've lived in Ca. all my life--Studio City fo 30 yrs, and have worked in the movie biz since I was 18. I'm an actress and stand-in and have been in many sitcoms and movies--"Yes Dear,"Seinfeld,"Murphy Brown,"Dear John,"Designing Women,"Big Business,"Scream 2,"Up Close and Personal,"Ozzie and Harriet"when 18 and a big crush on Rick. Worked a lot but nothing "big." Was introduced to crocheting 30 yrs ago and fell in Love---don't knit or sew, but immediately smitten. I am a pianiest and volunteer at hospitals and nursing homes---classical mostly. Show Biz is racked with "agism,"much less work now. So am pursuing my other dream of a sucessful shop. 

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Fairy Queen Crochet

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