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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So what the heck has Tara cooked up for 2010??

2010 a good taste odyssey...

So what the heck has Tara cooked up for 2010?? For one thing you better get your wallets out and apply for a better job 'cause those $2 earrings will be gone! LOL I'm adding many new designs, more glass pendants, and of course my all time favorite vintage and vintage style beauties. As I continue to fancy myself an "artiste" I also look forward to expanding my graphic design knowledge. Watch for some animated offerings and fantastic new styles of graphics. I may even jump on the digital collage sheets band wagon. who knows?

Here are some newbies for you, let me know what you think.

The most important news that is happening this week, I am heading for the hills! So everyone who lives in Flagstaff Arizona watch out, I get cabin fever real quick:( No, we aren't staying in a cabin but the hotel has no Starbucks, soy milk, or non dairy creamer. Fortunately, I went to the store and stocked up on my holistic face/body crap that is slowly giving my entire body the glow of a beautiful spotty allergy rash. But hey, at least I won't have cancer right? Here's the info so if you miss me you can figure out when I'll return.

I won't really be out of touch, just borrowing one of the 3 lap tops we are traveling with. If you have a question, compliment, or anything else positive to say, please feel free to email/convo me. If you are pissed, have a problem, or generally dislike my blog/shop/or myself, keep it to yourself till after vacation!! LOL



Wish me luck on my trip and that my family doesn't kill each other on the way there or get lost in the acreage behind the hotel and get attacked by a bear. Does anyone know if they hibernate?

Total Travel Trainwreck,

1 comment:

DJ said...

I love the Alice in Wonderland pendant. Enjoy your trp!