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Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's all coming full circle people...

I definitely need a program and it must have a lot of steps! I've been off the frosted flakes for 2 months now and I've developed a horrible candy corn addiction:( As most of my fellow artistes know, (yep, I called myself an artiste too, big whoop, wanna fight about it?) So what's the really prob w/having a hankering for the honey corn? Well, no prob really except we've been pushed too fast out of Fall and into the winter of our discontent!! What does this mean for me? I'll be trying to score some candy corn until we get some sh*tty Easter corn in the Spring. Right now the only place I can find any is at a Whole Food's type of market. But the Christmas candy is moving in and I'm getting really worried. I could stock up on the candy corn, but it gets stale real fast. And what about when I go out of town in a week? Holy cr$p I need my corn!!

So I must truly be an artiste now, (if only in my own altered state of reality). Because I suffer deeply for my chain/charm ring/cabochon art. I subsist on a diet that only consists of coffee, soy milk, and candy corn. Betcha you other so called "hardcore artistes" actually eat food, don'tcha??  I laugh at your gluttonous ways, ha, ha!

Important related question.. When the heck will they come out w/some Chanukah candy? Seems to me both Xmas and Chanukah could have some awesome colored candy corn! Just something to think about all you Wal Mart drones who supply us w/craptastic unhealthy food.

Wow, that was a fun one! I feel better now too because I got the damn candy corn open.

Corn Scorn As Good As Porn,


Ann Martin Photography BLOG said...

I love me some candy corn too!

DJ said...

I loooove candy corn. A fellow coworkers recently brought in some flavored ones for us to sample. My favorite was apple cider candy corn. Mmmmm.