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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Super Fabulous.. "Diva Rouge"

I love this artist and I know you will all see why when you visit her amazing shop!

Diva Rouge
Fine Art

My name is Laurie McClave and I am an Artist, visual manipulator, personality changer, mother, lover, cynic, magician, paint pusher, geek, lucid dreamer, learner, people watcher, spaz, freak of nature….
and a Self employed Renaissance woman living on the other side of reason in the bohemian hamlet of the Olypen of Washington State with my little family.....
My "Pantheon of Women" is a comment on iconic representations of femininity.
I paint, do portraits and photography of a Slightly surreal and fantastic nature filled with symbolism. Recently I have been doing mini print pendants of my work and really enjoying the satisfaction of seeing my women turned into wearable art. I hope you enjoy.

Please visit this wonderful artist here;
my website: www.lauriemcclave.com
my blog: www.divarouge.blogspot.com
my etsy: Diva Rouge

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