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Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday's Feature "Sugarberry Sensations"

Bringing you more cuteness in clay!

Sugarberry Sensations

Hi! My name is Lori. I'm a mother of three in a small town in Nebraska. I've been married to my High School sweetheart for 21, almost 22 years. My oldest daughter is a sophomore in college, my middle daughter is a Sr in High School and my son is an 8th grader. I started working outside of the home five years ago, that was a part time job. I assisted those in need with money to help pay their utility bills. That was a very emotionally draining job. Three years ago I started working full time as the High School receptionist in the very High School I attended! I started out painting about 12 years ago. I painted for quite a few years selling my items at craft shows. Then about five years ago, I noticed this book (hem-hawed about purchasing it, and then decided not to buy it) when I went on a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy more paint. Keep in mind, I'm an hour and a half away from the nearest Hobby Lobby. Well, for almost a full year, I kept thinking to myself, why didn't I pick up that book that had those adorable sculptures in it? As soon as I was near that Hobby Lobby again, I went immediately in search of the book by Shelly Comiskey, hoping and hoping it was there, so I could buy it and explore this world called 'Polymer Clay'. Find the book I did, and I've been hooked ever since! These days you will usually find me making Holiday sculptures and pins. I sold a few years ago on Ebay, and then pretty much put away the clay when I started working full time, other than what I sold locally. I have decided that I will have to let the housework slide and take time to clay, because it's what I love doing! =)

I'm just getting my shop off the ground, but you will find one of a kind, handsculpted polymer clay items. I'm hoping to soon offer a few handpainted items as well.

You can find me on etsy;
My flickr is;


thatSandygirl said...

These are outrageously cute!

owlsomegifts said...

those are adorable!

Designer Favors said...

I love this shop. I'm so glad I came across your blog to find her. I just hearted her on etsy. So cute.

Kathryn Lantz said...

so adorable! i love the polymer clay creations but whenever i try them, they never end up looking like that lol. it usually goes pretty good, but then something happens and well, it ends up smashy smashy.
btw, had a rant of my own about the forums today *snort* oh, and there's another one on the way!
Love the features you choose.. they're all so talented! :)

mamas*little*treasures said...

Beautiful blog and great article! Found you through the Etsy forum thread and just wanted to pop in to say hi ;o) Trying to meet a few new Etsy "friends," so if you have a minute to stop by, please visit my blog at http://mamaslittletreasures.typepad.com/mamaslittletreasures/

jemmdeecreations said...

Your work is fantasic! I wish you the best on your new store!

Victoria said...

Sugarberry... that's lovely.