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Thursday, November 19, 2009

JBT News that can make you bipolar too, I'm too sexy for your...

Jewelry! Hey don't shoot me, I didn't say it. Some schmuck on the Etsy forum did:( Okay, they didn't say they were too sexy for it. But sexy sounds so much better than; snobby, ill informed, drive by poster, etc.  Why would someone start this thread?


What else to say about this?? Hmmm, chain and charm isn't good enough? It's on b*tch, the chain/charm battle of the century! I can make a necklace like this blindfolded w/hands tied behind my back. Dare you to just make one w/your damn hands!

One good thing from the thread? I got to bring up my f'n octopi necklaces again and it might even inspire me to bring them back:)

"Eight Legs Are Better Than Two"
(Do not copy this, I swear to dog I will go postal if you copy the title of my octopi pendants! I made this up 4 years ago and so far so good, so don't f'n copy it. Please:)

 Man I'm on a rant 'n' roll. Must be all that video game playing in between sales!

What else is new in my full and Octopi/Owl life? A package for an order I made was stolen from my mailbox. Yep, postman was just 2 doors down when it happened:( Happy holidays!

Did you know that eating stale candy corn from a bin at the grocery store can make you sick?? Well I found out the hard way it's true. I ate a big bag of 'em and I was up all night w/some private biz. So don't buy from bins, k?

JBT Entertainment news------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reading just cheesy Karen Rose novels now, so I won't even go into any detail here. But if your interested just pick up a copy of any of her books and read it over and over just changing the character's names. You will save a lot of $ this way.

RR/RW Challenge love it still, dirty, dirty, pleasure. What will I do when this season of MTV reality shows ends and there's that long wait till American Idol returns in January. I've got it covered no worries, my husband just bought us all the seasons of Psych. He also was generous enough to run out last night and buy me my fav video game of all time. The new "Indian Jones Legos" hey I didn't say I was a serious gamer I just like to smash Legos!

The City/The Hills The City is so boring I had to eat some crappy candy corn to watch it on my computer yesterday. Oh wait, maybe it wasn't the candy corn after all?  The Hills continues to give the impression that everyone on there is an immature spoiled douche. Never thought I'd say this, but Audrina is starting to actually look good/responsible compared to that twit Heidi and slutty Kristen

Big Bang/How I Met Your Mother nothing to write home about, next!

Waiting impatiently for the Project Runway finale tonight. Go Carol Hannah!!!

I have taped The Next Top Model so please don't tell me here who wins. I think redhead what's her name has got it in the bag. She was born to be a deer in the headlights Vogue model.

So what is my biggest thing I have coming up this weekend??? Twilight, Twilight, Twilight!! You are never to old to look at werewolves I always say. Tagging along w/someone who has a girl child because my boys laugh at me when I try and take them.

More weekend fun I might even use some free spa gift certs I got from my parent's Native America gaming habit. They are now both retired and living the good life from their slot machine job. Something to think about in this recession...

Where is the culture? I have an answer to that too! I'm going to the famous Scripps Aquarium in La Jolla next week. Playing w/starfish always makes me feel better.

Don't think I'm ignoring  my kids while I live the high life in my dirty house w/four chihuahuas and a carpet that is their bathroom. My kids have a new game that has got them busy for hours when their home, hubby too. I just throw food at them in the living room every couple of hours and run away fast! The joys of motherhood...

Tara's Terrifying Taste,

Coming up next.. The great big list of stars I hate!


Debsparkles said...

My goodness you most definately had some things to rant about! Sorry but I laughed while I read this, though I'm sure it wasn't funny on your side. Except the forum thread, all I can say about that is WOW what nerve!

Lenox Knits said...

Some people just like to stir things up. There is room for all of us in the handmade community.

Victoria said...

Yep, saw that thread too. Had lots of things I wanted to say about it, but didn't. For instance (and this doesn't apply to Etsy necessarily) but modern art? Hell I can spraypaint a bunch of busted bicycles and pile them on top of each other and someone will call it art and pay a thousand dollars for it, but apparently 'hand-assembled' trinkets aren't as high on the scale of genuine crafts.

At least no one seemed to be taking that thread too seriously.