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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've Developed A Case of...

Feedback Phobia!!! A not so rare Etsy/internet sales disease that occurs when viewing one's feedback. The symptoms include inability to click enter on feedback scores, shutting one's eyes to the inevitable, and trembling at your computer. Once feedback is viewed these symptoms will either subside with a pleasant 'sigh' or grow increasingly worse as four letter words spew from one's mouth and things are thrown across the room, or at the actual computer, depending on the unfairness of the feedback.

For all of you out there suffering there is hope! Since most of these bad feedback leavers will not contact you first or respond to your convos, you can take out all your rage on the Etsy forums!! (SARCASM, please don't do this, we already have enough of this cr#p going on:(

Unfortunately, there is no cure. You can leave Etsy or develop your own site, but this is simply a lifestyle change. Yes, people may tell you to create better products or use a different glue, but there will ALWAYS be that one person who wants to lash out w/feedback and finds something wrong with your product.

Tell your tales of woe here and get that sh&t off your chest!!!

Feedback F*cks up Followings:(


Steffi said...

Oh my, that sounds like a horrible disease. lol I havent gotten negative or neutral feedback yet, but I bet it is quite discouraging. :/ Dont worry though. Your positive feedback is great!!! ;)

Nikol King said...

It's getting better with each positive feedback I get, but the first couple things I sold I was terrified. "Will they like it, did I mail it fast enough, is it what they expected?" I would worry til I got feedback. If you still worry I think thats cool cause it shows you really care about what the customer wants and thinks and you don't want them to be disappointed, however, it sucks when people won't resolve issues with you. I haven't had this yet, but I don't think I'll never start worrying about it.