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Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm not going to lie..

Blogger messed up my whole weekly entertainment news:( A wonderful fellow blogger helped me restore my sidebar to the side and now all is well. Unfortunately, this means you will not be reading my crazy excerpts from MTV reality shows and all the other trash t.v. you all can handle. I will tell you this, I recommended a fab book "The Lovely Bones." Run don't walk to get this tearjerker book. Especially before they ruin it by turning it into a movie.

So what other cr*p is happening around here? Chihuahuas wearing sweaters, men cleaning up old lawn stuff and going to the dump. And we're going to go see The Fourth Kind this afternoon. Oh, and regarding the jewelry? I have a fab, fantastic, ultimate stocking stuffer sale!

Artfire continues to lack views and I don't want to dwell on that. Etsy however, is rocking the handmade world with traffic this weekend. I must have just listed about 20 items and not only was it fast, it actually showed up on Time Machine 2! See people, miracles do happen at this time of year, ha, ha.

Still majorly enjoying the dirty pleasure of Regretsy most entertaining blog, (besides my own).

Before I go, you ever have weird dreams about being in a POW camp? Never mind...

Too much turmoil,

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