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Friday, November 6, 2009

Featuring "Christopher Umana Illustration"

Here I have one of the elite group I call "The Truly Talented on Etsy." This is a person that not only deserves the front page, but should probably redesign it!! LOL As you can tell I'm really an admirer of this shop. So without further adieu...

Christopher Umana Illustration

I am a native of Southern California and now reside in Nevada.
I am graduate from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. My work is influenced by the detritus and textures found in everyday life and I incorporate
some of these elements into my work by collaging them and painting over it. My work is
also influenced by animation and animals/insects as representations of people. Animals and insects have personalities and traits that mimic our own. Everyone can be linked to a
specific species if they look deep enough.I focus on the symbiotic relationship
in my work with my anthropomorphic figures.

Please visit here;




Nikol King said...

Cool artist, you always find such great people.

Fern said...

I really like his work... so fun & whimsical. Great that you featured him :)
I love your blog's background, btw - SO beautiful :)