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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Feature "Art By Sarada"

Dark art, fantasy, owls and cats, I love it all! If you like it too you should check out today's feature...

 "Art by Sarada"

I'm Sarada, a 35-year-old artist living with my husband, 2 cats and 2 turtles in New Jersey. I've been painting since I was about 13 years old when I started to do fantasy paintings and enter our local town arts and crafts fair in my teens. I made my first sale that very year! I started out painting dragons, fairies, and other magical subjects, and by college I was mainly painting surreal, psychedelic and dark sci fi scenes that I called "nightmare landscapes." Although I majored in English, and went on to a day job in journalism, I continued to paint and found a new outlet for art when I start to sell online (eBay) around the year 2000.

Since then I've mostly concentrated on Halloween and witch art, though I continue to enjoy other gothic/horror themes, like vampires, mummies, and ghosts, as well as other fantasy subjects like fairies, dragons, mermaids, and storybook characters including Alice in Wonderland. I've also recently done a lot of nature-inspired art, featuring some of my favorite birds, animals, insects, mushrooms and wildflowers that I see on my near-daily walks through the parks and woods of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. And finally, I've been indulging a love of cheesy sci fi, and throwing in some aliens, rayguns and UFOs whenever I can.

I am also an amateur seamstress and especially enjoy making clothing out of (surprise) Halloween fabric, gothic lolita and hippie styles. I do most of my creative work late at night these days though, and painting is a little quieter than a sewing machine. :)

Finally, I sing in a Pa.-based dark folk band called Stone Breath (http://www.darkhollerarts.com), and our related projects, most recently including Crow Tongue. I've been a member of Stone Breath for 10 years now and love to intersperse recording and singing with the band with my other, more solitary creative projects.

Blog - http://www.artbysarada.blogspot.com
Etsy - http://www.sarada.etsy.com
Web page - http://www.artbysarada.com
Artfire - http://www.sarada.artfire.com
Email - artbysarada@yahoo.com
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/artbysarada

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artbysarada said...

Thank you so much for featuring me Tara!

Kathryn Lantz said...

this art is right up my alley! love it all! Great feature! I'm heading over to check out the rest!

photoadele said...

yeah sarada!!!!!