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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Night Feature "Ko Triangle's Gallery"

Special Saturday Night Feature...

"Ko Triangle's Gallery"

Our shop is a family idea and we go together through the whole process: from making an item till posting it on Etsy. My husband and I work in the theatre and our daughter is a student in the University. So as you can see there are three of us and that’s why we named our shop “koTriangle”. We all love felting but we usually do different thing for our shop. My favorite technique is needle-felting (I love creating felted sculptures!), my husband Andrej prefers wet-felting, our daughter Polina makes great beads and also works as a model for our items. But of course we discuss ideas for our creating all together!
Actually it all started as a hobby. We’ve always loved crafting and especially we loved giving our friends unique gifts: cute hand-made toys, hand-made greeting cards and what not. But about a year ago we found a material and technique in which we found everything we love: that was simply perfect. Felting is an amazing technique to work with and it gives a lot of freedom in artistic self-expression, because you can shape this material in almost any form, combine it with other fibres and fabrics, decorate your creations however you like! So at first our felting creations were just gifts for our friends. But after about half of the year of felting, we decided to share our hand-made works with others. So we opened a little shop in our native city in Russia. Quite soon, while looking for felting supplies that we needed for the development of our shop, we found Etsy and of course fell in love with this site. There are just so many talented authors and cute things here! Now we are finally happy members of Etsy community! Here we want to show people a part of this fantastic world of felting and may be somebody will find just the right item that was waiting only for this special person... We are still new here, but we are enjoying every day on Etsy!

1. picture of me
2. picture of my husband Andrej
3. felting process.

Please visit here:
Ko Triangle's Gallery

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