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Sunday, October 25, 2009

NEW With Me At JBT!!!

Time again to feature myself...

I'm so happy to do some oldies but goodies again! eBay is a completely different crowd than Etsy and I'm enjoying getting back to what I love♥

Just got a new lightbox and I have to say my pics seem to be worse!! LOL Detail is awesome but they look extremely dark. I've tried changing backgrounds, even redid in Photo shop per usual before light box. Still looks like a sad grey:(

More from me Monday!


PixieDust said...

I love the owl domino pendant! Purty!



Jenni said...

Cute cute Owls!

Rambling Rose Jewels said...

Gorgeous pendants!

In photoshop have you tried using "curves" and using the white dropper icon to click on the white background to whiten it up?

SugarberrySensations said...

Tara, thank you for sharing those with us - they are BEAUTIFUL! =)
I especially like the black and white owl and butterfly!!! ♥

I'm glad you got time to do something you love!


Victoria said...

Love the tall owl and the deer!

I have a lightbox too, but I still have to play with my camera's settings to get it bright enough... apparently the little indicator is supposed to be at the 0 for a good exposure, but mine is usually halfway over to the plus sign for it to be bright enough for me. Can you tell I'm not a professional photographer!?!