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Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Feature "BPR Designs"

What makes this glass artist different from the rest? EVERYTHING!! Beautiful, unique, mean't for me to buy! LOL

Handpicked by myself,  I bring you...

BPR Designs

My name is Beth and I started by taking a kiln-formed glass class through my local community college and was hooked! I live in Portland, which is the home of Bullseye and Urobos glass companies, so there are lots of glass artists and places to take classes here. I just started taking classes at various places and once I retired from my "other career" of 35 years, I had time to really pursue it. So I set up my own shop and bought a glass kiln, and an artist was born! Once I filled up my house with glass art, I figured I had to sell some of it or I'd be buried in it! I love to garden, so a lot of my inspiration comes from nature. I love my flower garden and all the riot of colors, so that tends to be the colors and shapes I am drawn to in my work.

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Friday folly!

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