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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Forum Bullies How to deal w/these A$$holes???

Good morning my happy positive rainbow and unicorn readers! This post isn't for you, so you might want to switch channels now! LOL This post is for those of us who are sick and g'damned tired of seeing the same faces year in and year out terrorizing the Etsy forums. Worst part? When they finally do leave Etsy, (think annoying cat blast from the past), there are completely worse ones that take over. What inspires these people? And why oh why oh do they think they know more than the rest of us? Were they copyright lawyers in another life outside Etsy, or just have nothing better to do than read "The Do's and Don'ts" and other Etsy legalize? Let's explore the possibilities...

Why are you a forum a$$hole? Who knows, maybe your mother didn't put enough scotch in your formula or the exorcist hasn't taken the evil out of your soul. Can we say the word "Grinch" people???

In any case, here are some common examples of why we can't stand to see your avatar on a thread;

Look at me, look at me, I have no sales, I can't let you or I complain about it, so I'm on here making others feel small for their opinion:( Can you say SCHOOLYARD BULLY?

I not only know more than you, I want you to know that I know stuff you don't know, and you will never know it, so there! Sticks tongue out at normal humans going wtf???

It is my duty to police these forums and make it extremely hard for you to ask valid questions more than once a decade. *Yes, Etsy is not this old, but these people really need to push the boundaries:( So I will let you know every time you do this and not point out the right place or thread to get the answer.

Point, point, point, it's here already why are you posting another thread? Why don't you live in the forums like I do and have an hour search for your question then forget what it was in the first place??

Don't call out! I am completely calling you out and everything you hold dear because I'm really afraid if we don't have a HUGE fight on this thread it will be closed only for calling out and not for my big offensive mouth:(

I'm complaining about your complaining damnit!!! Listen to me, I'm right for complaining about your complaining!!!

So happy fucking Wednesday y'all! It promises to be one helluva great day!

Bullies Bothering Beautiful Babes,


Mangogyrl said...

OMG Tara, just when I thought I couldnt like you anymore you post this! LMAO this post is right on!! Now I have only been on Etsy for two months and I have to say I am so turned off by the Etsy forum and their lack of moderation in the forums. People are down right nasty and rude and that should not be tolerated by Etsy. People that are new dont always know the right and wrong way to post in a forum and a little gentle guidence goes a long way. For Etsy being such a "huge" site they have a lot to learn about good management IMO. So rock on Tara your post made my day!! http://mangogyrl.etsy.com

SugarberrySensations said...

Tara, Tara, Oh my goodness gracious - you are cracking me up - this is hilarious! I'm not sure what happened, or what always goes on, I'm too new to Etsy to know. But good golly, this is funny!
I love your sign off, as well,
"Bullies Bothering Beautiful Babes"

Wow, hugs to you!!!!
Have a great day!

EtsyFoodSnob said...

Ahahahahaha - thank you for this! As an active etsian for almost a year on the forums I know all to well what your referring to...especially the infamous 'cat' lol.

People have no lives - that's the only rational conclusion I can come up with!

Jenni said...

Yipee! Some bodies finally said it! I rarely post on forums other than promotions because I am fatigued by the negativeness. Great post

T @ Poppy Place said...

Tara, way to go! Love it you said it out loud.

But I do believe there is more positive than neg. on the forums, so, F... the negs. the positives will win out (good over evil and all that!)

Have a great Day!

Regards, T. :0

AMIdesigns said...

oh this made me laugh. sometimes i read through the forums, don't comment on anything and then log out. but i have a strange addiction to the closed threads on twitter - it's like theres a whole other etsy that i never stumble across otherwise

Heroine Industries said...

haha, found this very ammusing. I've not experienced this first hand (i think they would get shot down very fast if they did!) but know the kind of people you mean!
I will be looking out for them on the forums.
keep up the good work


Victoria said...

"maybe your mother didn't put enough scotch in your formula"


HaveFaithBelieve said...

Go Tara, go Tara!! I love your rantings and it helps to get things off your chest sometimes.
I tend to ignore the bullies and go about my business.
Hope you have a good day.