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Monday, September 14, 2009

Why I think Kanye West is the biggest douche!

I try really, really, really hard not to get into politics, religion, or anything controversial on the web or with friends. It's just smart. However, after witnessing the stupidity on MTV last night, I cannot hold back!

Who the hell drop kicked Kanye West on his head when he was a baby?  What would make a sane person act like such an a'hole?  Whether you like her or not, was it your time to announce your views?? You dumbass, it wasn't even the category w/Beyonce's video!!! Which she did win and showed much grace/class. She definitely went up in my personal estimation last night.

Kanye, if president Bush hates black people, (which BTW I completely agreed with), I think you hate everyone who isn't you:(  You committed a HATE crime last night and I guess you feel it's okay for you to do it. Taylor Swift was having a once in a lifetime moment.

What I want to know now is did MTV kick your sorry butt out after that crazy outburst?? Because you can bet you a$$ that if I, or anyone else did that, we'd be on a 72 hour hold in the psych ward and banned for life.

One more thing, your pathetic publicity stunt continuation where you shoveled the sh*t heap higher and pretended to apologize, worthless. Welcome to the real world Kanye where people don't give a f#ck about your skin color, they just hate you because you're you.

I don't really feel better now.


Elise O. said...

I was trying to watch the awards from last night cuz I saw a feature about Kayne and Taylor on yahoo (I think...). But I couldn't get the video to play. I will be checking this out soon.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with everything you said. I did not see the whole incident but with every news channeal and entainment channel talking about it you didn't have to. Congrats to Bey. for letting her have a chance to give her speech.

Mike and Linda said...

Excellent rant Tara. Everyone hates him for what he did not because of his race. Who wouldn't
think someone doing something like that was an "idiot".....