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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today's Feature... "Fantasy Beader"

I'm always impressed with artists that can take tiny beads and make them into something special. I can barely see them anymore!! LOL (No, not an old age joke, just losing eye sight over working 24/7 on the computer). Check out the fine details of this beadmaster's work...

"Fantasy Beader"

My short bio is an easy one, not too much to tell other then I love beads of every kind. I'm a mother of 3 children and when I can find some spare time I love to bead, and make other crafts. But beading is my favorite, I mostly make earrings but sometimes I make other things. I always take my time and try to make the jewelry as best as I can. I have been beading for almost 15 years now.

Please visit her here;

Fantasy Beader

I feel a HUGE rant of some kind coming on, so stay close!

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