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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Special Feature Today "Ka Nani Essentials"

Way back in the dawn of Etsy time, there were a couple of ladies who started/ran a Street Team. That team was CCCOE, (California Crafter's Club on Etsy). One of those ladies is typing this and the other is featured below. I call this a "special" feature because this is one amazing woman who truly deserves to be recognized. She is a WAHM, a soap artisan, and I just can't say enough about her professionalism and fantastic products. Please enjoy today's feature...

"Ka Nani Essentials"

I started my company with the belief that giving back in whatever way possible would be the best business to create that could physically show the world that true beauty really does begin in the heart and that Beauty is all around us we just need to open our eyes to see it, believe in it & create it! Ka Nani Essentials believes in being clean and that coming clean can be done without un-necessary chemicals and additives that can irritate and clog your skin. AND while your at it; can be fun, creative and oh so intoxicating! What makes Ka Nani Essentials different is that we celebrate choices. Our customer base is varied and we feel that our products should be just as varied which is why we developed a simple easy customer customization process to follow when ordering that allows for choices in aromas, colors and shapes and other additives. If you know you like something but don't see it listed all you have to do is request it and we will create it. We also developed a way for each customer to give back to their communities, and environment by developing special products that when purchased allow us to make a donation to various organizations that specialize in giving back such as Wildlife, Children's Organizations etc. Ka Nani Essentials is located in the historical naval town of Alameda, CA located just about half hour from San Francisco, CA. We enjoy our community and love to give back to it which is why we choose to purchase most of our raw ingredients from our local merchants. This allows us to keep the circle of money flowing for our community and allows us to pass those savings onto our customers through lower prices for our high quality natural products~ because we give what we get!! Thank you Alameda!

Please contact/visit here here;

Laura Jordan - Owner of Ka Nani EssentialsTM Artistic Designer to The Soaps! “You and your miracle are about to meet!”
Phone/Fax: 510-995-8643
Ka Nani Essentials
Ka Nani Exfuze


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