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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oops! I did it again...

Here we go, drama, drama, drama:( I must say, this is why my hubby told me to keep the heck off the Etsy forums for 3 years.

Freedom of expression people w/out the ball busting! Okay so you want to know what thread it is? Promise not to make it go up again? The poor girl that wrote it must be truly upset. I did send her a convo apologizing for taking over her thread. I am sitting here almost having to physically stop myself from yelling via my keyboard.

Controversial Etsy Thread

Anti Walmart News Articles;


Whether you like Walmart or not, let's use our big girl words/voices on the forums.

Here's a pro Walmart statement, if you don't care about other human beings American and non American, Walmart is the place for you!  (okay that even sounded harsh to my ears:( Sorry for that!

Done ranting, love you all!

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