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Monday, September 21, 2009

It's finally here!!

Yes, it's that thing we've all waited for... The new t.v. season!!!

I already started watching some of my fav's and I was a little disappointed in Bones. This is the one w/the guy from Angel/Buffy, David B-something?? Anyway, he looks like he either had a bad lipo around his mouth, a stroke, or a super duper face lift! Maybe a combo job? It was a little unsettling to watch because I couldn't take my eyes off his messed up mouth:( Not aging well at all David.

So tonight is really super duper exciting!! I get to watch How I Met Your Mother with Neil Patrick Harris. I have previously blogged about my love for Neil and I hope we get to see more of him in the future. He hosted the Emmy's last night and it was awesome!! Also tonight The Big Bang Theory, a show that must be watched w/all the nerds you know and love. Nobody knows my family is in the closet about how nerdy we are and  I see so many resemblances to our crazy ways in this show!

The new season of Psych started on USA too. Funny, funny, funny! A real good laugh for a sad or rainy day.

America's Next Top Model started too and I don't know if I like it? Tyra gets on my nerves w/the fakeness and the models are overemotional to the extreme. I mean even more than regular reality show freak outs. I keep yelling at the t.v., "if you'd just eat a sandwich you wouldn't be such a b#tch!!

Very anxious for the new Family Guy season. We have loved this show from the beginning before it was canceled the first time.

Does it sound like I'm glued to the t.v.?? I'm actually not watching enough!! LOL  I DVR everything I like and try to squeeze in some couch time w/my family when I can.

So what else is fun in my world lately?? I am loving the Xbox! I never really got into video games before, except The Sims. But I have been playing Lego Indiana Jones for months on my DS and come to find out my kids had it for the Xbox all along!! So that's super fab on the big screen t.v., you get to smash huge amounts of Lego things and get some stress out!

I've also started walking again w/my best exercise partner. If we can get both kids to school w/out sickness, dogs behave, her babies aren't sick, and we're both not too busy, we usually meet up at least once a week! LOL It's hard having responsibility:(

Beyond that I'm enjoying this http://www.playlist.com
I love free music that you can arrange for your own playlist.

Off now to eat more bagels!!

Sugary Sweetness,

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I love Psych sooo much. Unfortunately we only got to see two of the new episodes before we downgraded our cable (to get us to do more reading, running, and less watching). Thank god for Psych on the internet!

And my husband and I used to LOVE ANTM, but stopped watching a few seasons ago for the exact same reason you mentioned: "if you'd just eat a sandwich you wouldn't be such a b#tch!!" LOL XD