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Thursday, August 6, 2009

What do I like today... (and most days)

I feel like making a positive list. So here's some things I'm lovin' today....

This is my oldest son's most favorite childhood friend:)


I really want to eat a tub of frosting, so yummy!


My MoMo, he's named after the flying Lemur on Avatar. And if you had kids you would know what I'm talking about!!

I'm also really, really, loving Frosted Flakes! I'm actually on a diet of Frosted Flakes, and I've lost 10 pounds unintentionally!!! LOL

Keep the coffee coming too it's gonna be a looooong day!!


1 comment:

debi said...

I wish I had some of pictures up on here so I could show you. Your Momo and my Annabelle are twins! I remember when she was itty bitty she reminded me of Gizmo from the movie Gremlins with the little hairy ears and teeny face. Oh so precious!