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Friday, August 21, 2009

Petty Sh*t

Par example...

You sell cheapo widget for $1 and get a complaint that the widget's chain is too cheap!! Well, why don't you go and buy your widget elsewhere with a sterling chain??

This is the kind of thing I go through w/my business 5 times a day. Yes, I refund, suck it up, grin and bear it. But lately it's just out of control. From the people who order something and don't even view the description or want to cancel an order because they don't have enough funds, or they don't pay for a week then they pay and want to cancel the order!

For christ's sake people it's a friggin' $2 order!! I'm not rich either but I do think before I buy.

Perils of biz I guess?

Yesterday I saw another example of this at a famous coffee chain. Guy ordered many coffees for work maybe?? Then the nice girl at the counter told him she didn't have change for $100 and she would go get some. All the drinks were made within 5 min. and she came back w/the change. He goes completely nuts and starts yelling at every Starbucks employee to make all the drinks again because they have sat too long. Screams obscenities in front of my kids and everyone else. Starbucks is forced to call in a nearby facility manager to calm him down. I won't go into the fact that he told her he had $600 in his wallet and if it had been someone else she would have had change.

Petty sh*t! Why freak out we've all had to wait for change.

So I'm at the P.O. today and it happens again! A man is second in line and starts screaming at the postal clerk and the elderly lady she is helping. Sidenote...anyone who has been to the Post Office knows that if you haven't filled out your documents or packaged your items, they assist you then tell you to do it on the side. Okay, so they let this lady finish and get in front again. She's already waited once, what's the big deal?? Well this guy ain't having it! He won't listen, even when the elderly lady volunteers to move to the side and let him go ahead. He tells everyone there to F Off and calls the elderly lady a G'Damn B*tch! The woman was so frazzled about this that she was shaking. I'm sure no one ever spoke to her like that in her life. It was like the Jerry Springer show before my own eyes!! We were all wondering if this would be a real incident of "Going Postal". FYI, I was so glad I left my kids in the car, (don't worry they are 10 and 13, in the shade, and the windows were down!!)

Petty sh*t again!!! You could have had your selfish way but you chose to have a temper tantrum:(

Who are these people? Can't we just be respectful, wait our turn, and act like grown ups??

I swear I am going to write a book and call it "Petty Sh*T". A guide for why you're overreacting and dying at 30 of a heart attack!!!

That's my rant for today. Going to try and move this blog over to blogger now....


Oh, and if I succeed in moving I'm taking y'all w/me and I hope you follow me on Google!


Snowbell said...

Who goes to Starbucks with $100???

I always get stuck in front of old ladies who have to count their change (I'm very talented when it comes to choosing a queue) yet it would never occur to me to yell at anyone....

Anonymous said...


i get very angry at the way i see people treat the elderly!

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...


Hi, I'm Helen ^_^ said...

I totally see your point.
Some of us go thru life trying to be considerate and treated other with respects.
And others out there think they can just get anything they want by being mean and lough. And they got away with it most of the time. It's just not fair.