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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am sooooo obsessed...

With plugboards! Do these things even matter or actually help out your business? Who cares because they are soooo fun and addictive!

Remember when you'd submit your link to countless directories, submission services, and link exchanges? Forget all that old school hassle. Now you can just throw up a little blinkie button on a board, and voila! People see your tiny banner and can click on it to view your site.

So here's my only prob w/the plugboard, (besides that I think no one really sees it but other pluggers), I can't stop plugging!!! Not only that but I had to download countless animation programs, and spend hours learning to make my button blink! So now I have about 10 button styles. I have plugged up the whole internet 100 times over. I think I need a 10 step program:(

Jewelry by Tara Plugboard

Feel free to plug me, I know you want to!

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