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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Featuring Today "Goofy Grape Gumdrops"

Bringing to you today one of my latest finds. I've already bought, received, and enjoyed these little cuties! The seller is fantastic and the mags are high quality. So take a look at....

 Goofy Grape Gumpdrops
My name is Traci Porczynski and I own Traci*s Fun and Funky Retro Magnets, Traci*s Etsy Shop and Goofy Grape Gumdrops. My newest venture is *FRIDGE CANDY*. What is Fridge Candy you may ask, well Fridge Candy are lightly scented magnets for your fridge.
I have been making retro magnets and selling on ebay for over 11 years now. I started on etsy nearly 1 1/2 years ago. I just lOVE etsy. All the handmade and vintage items are just wonderful. I hope you will check out my shops and I hope to be making a magnet or two for you soon!!
I want to thank all my customers for their past, present and future purchases. Making magnets makes me happy and I know they make my customers happy too!

Please visit here:

Goofy Grape Gumdrops
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More to come, stay tuned loyal viewers:)


SkatterbrainZ said...

They are SO cute! Ive been dabbling with making resin magnets!! Cant wait to list them on my shop :)

Jennette said...

That is so neat,I love that!