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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Double Feature Starring "4lilcupcakes and Lizzy B. Designs"

To much of a good thing is never enough!! So that's why I decided to double your visual pleasure and submit 2 features today.

The first is the very talented 4Lilcupcakes, "Where Shabby Is Chic" I absolutely love her style and I know you will too!

And now for the artist's own words...

First I like to thank Tara very much for putting me on her blog,that is really sweet of her. I have never been featured on anything before .I am a house wife who love's to do crafts very much.I have done them for many years.I always make my gifts as much as I can.Then one day my daughter told me about etsy.I looked into it and thought I would give it a try.I absolutely love to do this,and I am having a ball.For me it is not for the money so much as it is for the fun.You can only give out so many gifts to people.However the money does help.And it is nice to know people like your work I try to keep my prices down so I will have more shop visits.Here is a small sample of my item's.Please note that I am working like crazy to put lot's of items in for the holiday's,so please come back soon.
Thank you so much,Teresa 4lilcupcakes.etsy.com

DSCN1182 (2)
DSCN1367 (2)

Please visit 4lilcupcakes here:



For our other feature I selected someone who I felt had some very unique designs in her store and beautifully colored stones in her work.

Please welcome...

LizzyB Designs~ Beautifully designed, exceptionally handcrafted, unique & wearable jewelry.

Artist Elizabeth Bohaker designs her handmade pieces using natural gemstones & other materials. As a lifelong resident of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, nature has always played an important part in her life.

She is able to create one of a kind pieces by implementing her independent style & meticulous attention to detail. Every piece is unique & different as the stones used naturally come in different shade variations, shapes & sizes.


Please visit here here;

Lizzy B. Designs
Lizzy B. Designs Twitter
Lizzy B. Designs Blog
Lizzy B. Designs Facebook
Lizzy B. Designs Facebook Groups

So that's our amazing talent for today and who knows, you could be next....

Thanks to our features!

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